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Do you receive gloomy, pathetical lettres drenched in blood from your Russian companion? Are you wondering how to approach that foreign speaking beauty grown-together with her glitter-smartphone?

Choose their matches out of 13 types in our "SpeciaLexica" and find out how to kick off an amazing conversation and which subjects you'd rather avoid.  

Every word however specific will be read out loud to you by a native speaker - all in five languages!

Just pick the type and the foreign language you're interested in. Now you'll find matching terms and even whole sentences in up to five sub-categories.  

The first dictionary that's fun!
Smile at the quirks of the characters and along the way learn new words, improve your pronunciation and your language skills.
At a glance:

- 420 words - from normal to extremely eccentric
- English, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese
- Easy switching between different languages
- Read-aloud function, pronounced by native speakers
- Vocabulary differentiated into categories
for ipad & iphone