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... is an interactive music school for playfully coming in contact with various musical instruments. From the violin all the way to the synthesizer the Musicat demonstrates each instrument with a video, audio example and different drawings.

In 28 videos you’ll see children playing on all the instruments. Drawings show how the sound is produced and how you call the most important parts of the instrument. This way children will grow into the mood of testing musical instruments „for real“!

While discovering the instruments, it is at any time possible to change between the five languages English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian. Thus a child can listen to foreign languages and get to know their different manners of articulation.

Each term is read by professional speakers.

. 28 videos, one for every instrument
. 6 audio examples of the musical genres
. 56 drawings of functioning and denomination
. 135 terms each written and spoken by
  professional speakers in 5 languages.
  (English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian)

  For children
. who want to know about musical instruments and genres
. who want to learn playing on an instrument and don’t yet know which
for ipad & iphone